The beauty of the universe above our heads is sometimes only accesible to those willing to spend the night out, probably freezing. I can’t express with words what it means to me to carefully plan my target, pack my equipment and drive away from the city while everyone else sleeps. The moment in which I turn off the engine and I hear the silence, only broken by the car keys hitting each other and my own breathing.

A red light is turned on in the middle of the night and I put my gloves on. I get out of the car, turn the radio on and set up my equipment. It’s cold, but it doesn’t matter, I know I am not alone. I know there are many others, in other places around the globe, following exactly the same steps as I am. It is hard to explain, the feeling. But I got help.

Video by Lorenzo Comolli

“Look up let it in” is a quote taken from the book “An astronomer’s Tale”, by Gary Fildes.