:~$ whoami█

Spaniard. Brexit queue-jumper. Adopted Norwegian. Code, astro, music. One of these pays the bills, the others keep me moving.

This is not supposed to make any sense to anybody else other than me. It’s just a collection of random notes on random places or random things without any connection with each other whatsoever. Sometimes, incomplete posts will appear online, probably marked as WIP, and sometimes I’ll add bits and pieces here and there to improve or fix a note. This is what it is, and I guess we’ll have to live with it (sorry). After all, the primary purpose of this site is to help my generally fucked up memory remembering something I care (or cared) about. Sometimes I might discover a mistake or change something. As a personal notebook I come back here often to read a note during my commute to work: repetition makes the learning and all.