• 0005 - Look up, let it in

    The beauty of the universe above our heads is sometimes only accesible to those willing to spend the night out, probably freezing. I can’t express with words what it means to me to carefully plan my target, pack my equipment and drive away from the city while everyone else sleeps. The moment in which I turn off the engine and I hear the silence, only broken by the car keys hitting each other and my own breathing.

  • 0004 - Why time and longitude?

    The Earth makes one full 360° turn each day. If we divide this rotation into 24 hours, each hour-long division of time represents a 15° segment of longitude (east-west). Every degree of longitude gives four minutes of local time difference.

  • 0003 - Logbook

    Not too long ago I moved to Norway from the UK. I say not too long ago because that is how it feels, but the truth is it’s been almost three years already. During this time I’ve been able to visit a fair amount of places around the country. Some, of course, better than others, but every single one of them was interesting in a different way. In its way.

  • 0002 - Navigation without GPS

    So, what do navigators need in order to find their position on the earth’s surface when they don’t have a GPS?

  • 0001 - Where am I?

    No matter where and when you are reading this, if you wanted to contact me and of course added my street and zip code to the following coordinates, you could reach me at …

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